P.A. Baines provides close to tolerance, world-class high-performance quality CNC machined lathe and milling services to our customers in both Africa and the United States. Based on the requirements of our customers our services include; engineering assisted design of existing or current products, efficient programming and processing, rapid prototyping, OEM, small to large quantity runs of specialist precision, high quality parts.

Superior equipment and machines, tools and cutters, vast experience and a culture of only accepting the highest quality makes P.A. Baines Precision Engineering CNC machining the professional’s choice. For basic to complex design specifications, we offer fast delivery together with competitive pricing.

Our combined expertise with data driven online machining services platform ensures your parts are made right first time, every time. We ensure the highest quality by using only quality raw materials and by subjecting all our CNC turned parts and products to a rigorous Internal Quality Control System.

Apart from CNC machining P.A. Baines is also capable of 3D printing, fabrication, manufacturing and finishing parts to final assembly.


Advantages of CNC Machining

  • Highly accurate and repeatable
  • Enables complex tasks
  • Low investment in tooling or preparation costs
  • Suitable for many different kinds of materials
  • Creates flexibility in manufacturing.
  • Economical, reduces setup-changeover time
  • Scalable volumes from one to one-hundred thousand
  • Fast turnaround, boosts production volume

CNC Milling

P.A. Baines has invested in superior CNC to ensure the highest quality products. CNC milling is one of the most common processes when looking to produce complex parts.

Using world class technology, we offer 3 axis CNC milling services with engineering tolerances around +/- 0.03 mm.

Maximum bed sizes:

  • X – 1016mm
  • Y – 508mm
  • Z – 635mm

CNC Turning

Using world class technology with engineering tolerances of:

• Turning Diameters from 10mm to 280mm
• Maximum turning length 1000mm



icon gearRapid Turnaround

Using our intelligent network, we are able to instantly identify capacity on the latest CNC machines to enable parts in as fast as 3-5 days.

icon gearScalability

From a one-off prototype or 10,000 units at the most competitive price, our CNC machining is the go-to for scalability.

icon gearHuge Material Choice

We offer over 50 production grade materials, ensuring that the required performance of the material matches the application of the part.

icon gearAccuracy

Our standard CNC tolerance is +/- 0.127mm. If using our tolerance configurator or uploading an engineering drawing, precision machining to +/- 0.05mm is achievable.

icon gearWide Application

Components ranging from intricate engineering products, specialised OEM petrochemical, through to certified flame-proof applications.

icon gearCustom Finishes

Finishing processes are available for most CNC machined parts; Anodising, Polishing, electro Plating, Heat Treatment, Powder Coating and more.

icon gearTurning & Milling Capacity

Efficient management of machine equipment’s capacity to optimise time, effort and on-time delivery.

icon gearSurface Treatment & Finishing

CNC work pieces may require additional finishing, such as heat treatment, galvanic coatings or various anodising colours.

CNC Materials

P.A. Baines has the capability to work on a wide selection of materials for CNC machining. Please download the CNC Machining Materials datasheet to view our comprehensive range of plastic and metal materials.


Water Heating

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Petroleumicon gear


Miningicon gear


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